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Installroot in DNF-2.0

I have seen several discussions about proper behavior of installroot and often it happened that what was requested by one user several others declined. But all of them had one thing common, that they would like to have proper description of installroot behavior. Now I can proudly announce that installroot entered new era where the behavior is slightly changed, but documented in detail.

Basically what was changed

  • config file and reposdir are searched inside the installroot first. If they are not present, they are taken from host system. But when a path is specified within command line argument (–config= in case of config file or –setopt=reposdir= for reposdir) then this path is always related to the host with no exceptions.
  • pluginconfpath is taken from installroot

If you think that reposdir behavior is not so new, you are completely right, because it is same like in YUM.

The documentation was also enhanced with following examples:

dnf --installroot=<installroot> --releasever=<release> install system-release
Sets permanently the releasever of the system within <installroot> directory from given <release>.
dnf --installroot=<installroot> --setopt=reposdir=<path> --config /path/dnf.conf upgrade
Upgrade packages inside of installroot from repository described by --setopt using configuration from /path/dnf.conf

I am really happy that I can say that additional information can be found in DNF documentation. Please have a fun with DNF.

DNF 2.0.0 and DNF-PLUGINS-CORE 1.0.0 release candidate released in Fedora rawhide

DNF-2.0 is available for testing! The next major version release of DNF brings many user experience improvements such as more understandable dependency problem reporting messages, weak dependencies shown in transaction summary, more intuitive help usage invoking and others. Repoquery plugin has been moved into DNF itself. Whole DNF stack release fixes over 60 bugs. DNF-2.0 release is focused on getting rid of yum incompatibilities i.e. treat yum configuration options the same (`include`, `includepkgs` and `exclude`). Unfortunately this release is not fully compatible with DNF-1. See the list of DNF-1 and DNF-2 incompatible changes and prepare for the upcoming official release. Especially plugins will need to be changed to the new DNF argument parser. For complete list of changes see DNF and plugins release notes.