3 thoughts on “DNF 0.5.5 and Core DNF Plugins 0.1.2 Released

  1. Do you know if is possible find packages like on yum to remove:
    I am using fedora rc (fc21).
    To remove all kernel packages from version 3.16.0-0.rc6.git1.1.fc21.x86_64
    Using yum:
    [root@fedora ~]# yum remove *3.16.0-0.rc6.git1.1.fc21.x86_64*
    But using dnf:
    [root@fedora ~]# dnf remove *3.16.0-0.rc6.git1.1.fc21.x86_64*
    No match for argument: *3.16.0-0.rc6.git1.1.fc21.x86_64*
    Error: No packages marked for removal.

    Thanks, Helber

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