DNF 0.5.4 Released

0.5.4 has been released today.

A major improvement in this release is the repo priorities config option. With it the admin can enforce packages of a certain repository to take precedence over other ones during an upgrade even when the prioritized packages have lower version. The original DNF bug is here, the functionality is known from Yum Utils as “priority plugin”.

The stream of Unicode/encoding problems people run into is not ending unfortunately. Rather critical problem has been fixed now. We look forward to fully move to Python 3, and if you want to help the cause please gently say so in the EPEL7 python3 bugzilla.

Fedorians, note that you can start experimenting with Python 3 from CLI with this release, as the python3-dnf now ships /usr/bin/dnf-3. Note that the binary is experimental and will be removed once Python 3 becomes the default interpreter for the main DNF package, hence it is not and will not be documented anywhere.

Release notes are published at the usual spot.

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