Core DNF Plugins 0.1.0 Released

It looks like the Core Plugins have stabilized over the last few months so I decided it’s time to give them more independent releases with proper release notes. It is my pleasure to announce 0.1.0 today adding dnf repoquery plugin and a bugfix to dnf builddep.

If you’re not familiar with DNF Core Plugins, make sure to check out our new documentation too, perhaps there are plugins you miss and don’t know that exist. The name of the package in Fedora is still dnf-plugins-core.

3 thoughts on “Core DNF Plugins 0.1.0 Released

  1. Hi, in Fedora 20, after installed dnf-plugins-core, when I run `sudo dnf update`, it always give:

    Failed loading plugin: copr
    Dependencies resolved.
    Nothing to do.

    and this is version info of my installed packages:

    Help! I just want to use Copr plugin: `dnf copr list`
    Failed loading plugin: copr
    No such command: copr. Please use /usr/bin/dnf –help

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