DNF 0.5.0 Released

We’re glad to announce that 0.5.0 is being released into the wild today. There is twenty bugzillas fixed as documented in the 0.5.0 release notes.

As my post from earlier today explains, the focal point of changes in this release was groups and how to approach them sanely. Then there is some niceties like improved documentation, fixed resource leaks and one feature that hopefully many everyday users will find useful: the --refresh option that forces expiration of all repos, thus ensuring given operation runs with the latest & greatest metadata (just don’t come back complaining it takes time).

The API was extended massively, but nothing is dropped or deprecated in 0.5.0.

In Fedora, we are going to wait if the Rawhide build users do not report any critical problems with the build before attempting to get 0.5.x builds into F20.

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