Maintenance Release: DNF 0.4.20

We’ve been busy pulling things apart on the master branch and taking a longer cycle then usual for the next DNF release, which will be labeled 0.5.0 and will bring more changes than usual this time.

The idea was that 0.4.19 in F20 is solid enough to stay current for some time, but there is a critical bug that several people has run into with dnf history info <id>. That’s why I decided to start the 0.4 branch and stay with it in Fedora Rawhide until 0.5 is ready and in Fedora 20 until 0.5 is stable. The next F20 build is thus 0.4.20, available at all the good repos now.

That is not to say that things are unstable in upstream DNF. Contrary, with more eyes looking and the CI spinning nonstop we’re more stable then ever.

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