Copr Plugin

(contributed by Miroslav Suchý)

New dnf-plugins-core introduces new copr plugin.

You can list projects of some user:

  # dnf copr list bkabrda
  ==================== List of bkabrda coprs =====================
  bkabrda/python27rebuild : Collection with Python 2.7 for EPEL 6
                          : (currently just for testing).
  bkabrda/python-3.4 : Testing repository for Python 3.4 that is
                     : supposed to go to F21. 

We have plan for generic search function as well, but it will land in some future version.

You can easily enable some project:

 # dnf copr enable bkabrda/python-3.4 fedora-20-x86_64

 You are going to enable Copr repository. Please note that this repository is not
 part of Fedora distribution and may have various quality. Fedora distribution
 have no power over this repository and can not enforce some quality or security

 Please do not file bug reports about this packages in Fedora Bugzilla.
 In case of problems you should contact owner of this repository.

 Do you want to continue? [y/N]: y 
 Repository successfully enabled.

You can even omit last argument and it will be guessed. But currently there is know bug, which will
be fixed in next release, therefore you need to specify chroot.
This command will download repo file and save it as /etc/yum.repos.d/_copr_bkabrda-python-3.4.repo

You can disable project:

 # dnf copr disable bkabrda/python-3.4 
 Repository successfully disabled.

which will remove previously downloaded repo file.

8 thoughts on “Copr Plugin

  1. Awesome!

    are their plans to support being able to search copr similar to the dnf command? something like?

    dnf copr search inkscape

    also, i noticed that i could not list the repos with “dnf copr list ryanlerch” without root access. I expected it to behave the same as normal dnf, i can search without root, but installing requires it.

  2. @Ryan: yes, search is planned (and server side is nearly done)

    And yes, I already thought about that root permission as well.

  3. Great!
    I hope you address Ryan Lerch’s concerns.

    And you could make use of someone to help you grammar-check your messages. :-) (I volunteer.)

  4. Where is the “right” version of the plugins? F20 does not seem to have it. Is there a copr for the copr integration?!?! <- see what I did there?! :)

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