On The Name

With the DNF Fedora change published, the feature set closing in on the Yum’s, the number of plugins increasing, the API expanding and the Anaconda integration steadily improving, it is about time to say what is meant by “DNF”, the abbreviation.

To start from the start: Yum originally stood for “Yellowdog Updater Modified”. A colleague of ours thought “hawkey” would be a cool name for a new packaging project, in a random way continuing “Yum” since his yellow-coated pet dog’s name was Hawkey. So that’s how the lib got its name. Now that is near Hawkeye, the M*A*S*H character. So we picked a name expressing some continuation from the previous tool and expressing the new tool is Hawkeye Pierce-dandier by having hawkey embedded in it:

Dandified Yum, “DNF” in short and “dnf” on the command line.[1]

Anybody out there: if you are willing to contribute a Creative Commons logo now that the full name is known, please leave one with your name and email address in the comments and if we find it lovely we’ll get in touch with you.

[1]We also briefly considered calling the forked Yum “BJ”, like Hawkeye’s colleague. That got turned down fast.

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