8 thoughts on “Fedora Change to Replace Yum by F22 Filed

  1. If dnf obsoletes yum as proposed, would users have to type dnf in the command line instead of yum? I would prefer dnf just be renamed into the new yum replacing the current yum entirely and fix any further issues.

    1. At the end it was decided DNF will not obsolete Yum. Users should however be able to delete the Yum package and alias the command to dnf.

    2. I agree with you. Whay not improve yum by adding improvement that dnf had?
      Whats wrong with many FOSS project, abandon old project, create new software with similiar function with old project, instead improve currrent version. Maybe few people want they name listed as main contributor for that project. Don’t get me wrong I’m linux (only) user, but I feel something not right there.


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