builddep and debuginfo-install plugins now available in dnf-plugins-core

If you often build packages from source RPM or even from the upstream checkout then we’ve got good news: the builddep plugin from yum-utils has been ported to DNF and released for Fedora today. Edit: The plugin is only added to the Fedora package in version 0.0.5.

Given a .spec file or an .srpm, the builddep command fetches all of its dependencies, like:

dnf builddep ~/Downloads/librepo-1.5.2-2.fc20.src.rpm

offers a transaction that installs everything needed so that rpmbuild --rebuild ~/Downloads/librepo-1.5.2-2.fc20.src.rpm does what it’s supposed to and doesn’t halt on dependencies.

Another useful plugin we moved to dnf-plugins-core recently is debuginfo-install. For a given package it downloads all relevant debuginfo packages, so that debugging a core dump or other problem with it in gdb gives readable, decoded tracebacks and other information, like for instance:

dnf debuginfo-install python-librepo

There’s documentation for the Yum util command, we’re still behind on proper documentation in DNF.

Hope you’ll find the new plugins useful.

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