DNF 0.4.13 Released

We are announcing this release just a day prior to the start of the Brno DevConf this Saturday. The release (or its nightly peer or a successor) will be used during my DNF API lab on Saturday.

Should you not be at the event to try out some hacking on it, the release still offers plenty: Delta RPM support, bash completion and re-added keepcache config option.

An annoying and often complained-about bug of installing local/URL-given RPMs is gone too. See the release notes.

Some Fedora releng issues prevent us to do the synchronous Fedora 20 release again, doh, but the rawhide version is on the mirrors already. Edit:The update is ready now.

4 thoughts on “DNF 0.4.13 Released

  1. In F19 and previous one annoying feature of yum was that if I wanted to do a read-only query like ‘yum info packagename’ I had to sudo because maybe the meta data needed to be updated.

    In F20 that’s no longer necessary. However… If I ‘yum info …’, and it downloads 16MB of updates meta data, and then I decided to install the package with ‘sudo yum install …’ it downloads all the meta data again!

    I just checked dnf on F20 and it seems to work the same way.

    What would be great here is if a non-root user runs a read-only query and the meta data needs to be downloaded, it would activate whatever mechanism is supposed to update it in the background with the correct permissions, and then run the query.

    btw. I disabled the background meta data update. I would like to be able to tell F21 “use these specific networks for updates, backups, and other background bulk transfers” so that it doesn’t kill the coffee shop network or cost me a ofrtune when connected to the mifi or tethered to my phone.

    Those two things would fix my day to day problems using the package manager.

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