Monthly Archives: February 2014

builddep and debuginfo-install plugins now available in dnf-plugins-core

If you often build packages from source RPM or even from the upstream checkout then we’ve got good news: the builddep plugin from yum-utils has been ported to DNF and released for Fedora today. Edit: The plugin is only added to the Fedora package in version 0.0.5.

Given a .spec file or an .srpm, the builddep command fetches all of its dependencies, like:

dnf builddep ~/Downloads/librepo-1.5.2-2.fc20.src.rpm

offers a transaction that installs everything needed so that rpmbuild --rebuild ~/Downloads/librepo-1.5.2-2.fc20.src.rpm does what it’s supposed to and doesn’t halt on dependencies.

Another useful plugin we moved to dnf-plugins-core recently is debuginfo-install. For a given package it downloads all relevant debuginfo packages, so that debugging a core dump or other problem with it in gdb gives readable, decoded tracebacks and other information, like for instance:

dnf debuginfo-install python-librepo

There’s documentation for the Yum util command, we’re still behind on proper documentation in DNF.

Hope you’ll find the new plugins useful.

DNF 0.4.15 Released

A lot of the recent effort in DNF development is targeted to enable more features of the DNF Anaconda backend. The backend now for instance knows to pick the right filesystem out the available to download packages to so large installations will no longer fail on filling the ramdisk. Another missing piece is any progress displayed during the downloads, the current Anaconda only shows Downloading packages, then goes on for many minutes doing something in silence. To provide neat API for reporting the download progress we had to refactor large portions of the download code and the result is in the release presented.

Experimental support for some of the repo-pkgs commands known from Yum since last year is also making its way to DNF. Expect official announcement soon.

A bug in parsing the architecture specified on the command line and a couple of other bugs, some of them in the documentation, are fixed now too. Follow the release notes link for more.

DNF 0.4.13 Released

We are announcing this release just a day prior to the start of the Brno DevConf this Saturday. The release (or its nightly peer or a successor) will be used during my DNF API lab on Saturday.

Should you not be at the event to try out some hacking on it, the release still offers plenty: Delta RPM support, bash completion and re-added keepcache config option.

An annoying and often complained-about bug of installing local/URL-given RPMs is gone too. See the release notes.

Some Fedora releng issues prevent us to do the synchronous Fedora 20 release again, doh, but the rawhide version is on the mirrors already. Edit:The update is ready now.