DNF 0.4.9 Released

Hi! The 0.4.9 has just been released, and the build is already on its way to Fedora 20 testing and release notes are online.

What’s new? Plenty! We finally support plugins. The interface looks poor so far as we rushed to get the release out, but it already can be used to implement a big HALT when a non-root tries to run an RPMDB-changing command (like dnf upgrade).

Doing history rollback is supported again. So is printing out just the installed packages selected by user. Can come in handy when moving to Fedora 20, no?

Another addition we were often asked for was a way to support replacing a package with a conflicting package without disturbing any packages depending on these. This DNF version supplies the --allowerasing switch to facilitate just that.

On top of that a couple of bugs and a couple of API extensions. The release notes mention them all.

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