DNF 0.4.8 Released

The 0.4.8 was just released today (release notes). The focal point was to add more crucial pieces to the API and there are still areas where we lag, but at least we’re starting to get some feedback and discussion running on the API.

In Fedora we are shipping python3-dnf package now. The package supplying /usr/bin/dnf is still the Python 2 DNF package, so when you run dnf upgrade etc, from the command line it is executed under the current Python (unless forced by e.g. /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/dnf upgrade). We’re ready to drop Python 2 support as soon as Anaconda is running the Py3 DNF. Extension authors should start new projects with the Py3 package.

Other than that there are some bugfixes in the release, including support for installing packages from http, better installs from a pathname and listing comps environments in dnf group list.

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