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Reporting Depsolving Bugs

So you are seeing an error that looks similar to:

--> Starting dependency resolution
--> Finished dependency resolution
Error: package kernel-modules-extra-3.13.0-0.rc0.git3.2.fc21.i686 requires kernel-uname-r = 3.13.0-0.rc0.git3.2.fc21.i686, but none of the providers can be installed

In some cases this means a package can not be installed because it is missing some of its dependencies (i.e. DNF does not see them in any enabled repository). It can also mean a bug in the depsolving machinery. If you suspect that is the case, open a bugzilla, of course, but also execute the failing run again with --debugsolver added on the command line and attach the debugdata/ directory that will be created after the failure under the current working directory.

Typically one would use a line similar to:

$ sudo dnf --debugsolver upgrade

It is OK to zip the data or upload it somewhere public instead of the slow bugzilla (expect the zipped directory to be between five and ten megabytes). Also, if the bug is about a kernel depsolving problem we’ll also need to know the particular version of kernel you are running, e.g.:

$ uname -r

Be prepared to sometimes be told that the problem is in your particular system or that the repositories are broken. Thanks for helping us in any case.

DNF 0.4.8 Released

The 0.4.8 was just released today (release notes). The focal point was to add more crucial pieces to the API and there are still areas where we lag, but at least we’re starting to get some feedback and discussion running on the API.

In Fedora we are shipping python3-dnf package now. The package supplying /usr/bin/dnf is still the Python 2 DNF package, so when you run dnf upgrade etc, from the command line it is executed under the current Python (unless forced by e.g. /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/dnf upgrade). We’re ready to drop Python 2 support as soon as Anaconda is running the Py3 DNF. Extension authors should start new projects with the Py3 package.

Other than that there are some bugfixes in the release, including support for installing packages from http, better installs from a pathname and listing comps environments in dnf group list.

DNF 0.4.7 Released

We’re releasing 0.4.7 today. Besides fixing a couple of bugs described in the release notes, we start to deliver DNF API with this release.

In practice, those of you who have been waiting for the API to be published to write a plugin or an extension can start poking around. Use however only those things described in the documentation. We will not fall into the same trap Yum did in maintaining every class and every method that was ever declared in the code. On the other hand, if it’s in the docs it’s guaranteed to stay there with the same semantics or be duly deprecated. If it’s not in the docs and you need it, give us a holler.

Edit: Here’s the F20 update