DNF 0.6.5 and DNF-PLUGINS-CORE 0.1.6 Released

Good news, everyone. New version of DNF and DNF-PLUGINS-CORE was built for F22 and F23. The documentation of yum and DNF differences was extended by yum plugin alternatives part and erase command  was deprecated in favor of remove command name. DNF is getting more and more stable with 20 bug fixes while DNF-PLUGINS-CORE 0.1.6 newly adds Config manager.

With regard to packaging changes, DNF is running on Python 3 from F23 and dnf-yum compatible subpackage does not conflict with yum anymore. Read more on release notes of DNF and plugins.

Community plugins for DNF

Today we have started new project dnf-plugins-extras where could be hosted any external DNF plugin with any dependencies.

We will add this package to Fedora soon. Then you can request new plugin and report a bug in RedHat Bugzilla. Sure, pull requests are welcomed to integrate any utilities with DNF!

At this moment snapper plugin is available in the repository. It creates snapshots every transaction via snapper daemon, which is powerful tool to manage snapshots.

Q: Why just not to add community plugins to core plugins?
A: We want to keep the core plugins minimal.

How to report DNF bugs/RFEs

In following page is described the classification of common DNF bugs, what information to provide for each of  them and what to attach. By filling right the bug reports you not only save time of DNF developers but you could raise the priority of your issue and eliminate wasteful delay of asking for additional problem description from us.

Thanks for properly filled bug reports so we can spend more time to fix your issues.